2021 Humber Runner Duathlon Series

Entries for 2021 Humber Runner Duathlon Series are open


Humber Runner

A six race duathlon series. The first 5 races consist of a 2 (3.2km) or a 4 mile (6.4km) run followed by a bike ride of between 9 (14.5km) and 15 miles (24.1km) and finishing with a 2 mile run.  The final race is a 9 mile bike followed by a 2 mile run.


28th April 18.30 hrs start (2m/9m/2m; run/bike/run virtual)

26th May 19.00 hrs start (2m/10m/2m; run/bike/run) 

23rd June 19.00 hrs start (2m/15m/2m; run/bike/run) 

21st July 19.00 hrs start (4m/15m/2m; run/bike/run) 

18th August 19.00 hrs start (2m/10m/2m; run/bike/run) 

15th September 18.30 hrs start (9m/2m; bike/run)