CWCC Adult Membership

Memberships for CWCC Adult Membership are open

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Throughout the year, we have a few ‘tribal’ gatherings where we need a bigger team to ‘chip-in’ and help out. This relates to races and social events which we organise for the benefit of club members, the local cycling community, and friends and family. We don’t offer payment for such endeavours, and this is one of the reasons why we can keep membership fees low and make the sport accessible to many more people.

The target is that each club member will participate on the event team for one event per year which can be up to half a day in duration. Most people are happy to support the club in such a way, and quite frankly, if you are not happy to get a little ‘involved’ then you are not encouraged to (re)join. Some members choose to be involved with a lot more, which is much appreciated by the community but is also rewarding for those concerned.

Early in the New Year, we will circulate a list where you can indicate your preferences to be an Events Team Member. The club will try to assign you to your preferences although this cannot be guaranteed. Ideas and feedback on club events is always welcome via the club committee.