The Elmbridge 10K 2022

Entries for The Elmbridge 10K 2022 are open




Sunday 24th July 2022  Start Time: 9:00 a.m.



The Track at Xcel Sports Hub, Waterside Drive Walton-on-Thames Surrey KT12 2JG

Start and finish is on the track.

Please be aware that there is a section of the route, on part of the towpath, where the faster runners will ​meet the slower oncoming runners. Please keep keep to the right on this section.



The main parking is the car park for the track PLEASE try to share your car or get a lift to keep numbers down. Waterside Drive will be parking on one side only to avoid congestion. Otherwise local roads.



Sport Systems will be timing the event, they will provide runners with a “Personal Time” calculated from when the runner crosses the start line to when the runner crosses the finish line – this is called Chip to chip timing. We will also provide a “Race Time” calculated from when the race is started to when the runner crosses the finish line – this is called Gun time.   As set down by the rules of athletics, the results and prizes will be provided in Race Time order.


Race Numbers, Chips and Race Information

Race numbers and chips need to be picked up on the day of the race. Please allow extra time to do this. The roads nearby can be very busy due to another local events. Race specific information will be on the club website.



Here is a link to The Entry Point


What happens if I can’t take part?

All event entries are non-refundable and this decision is down to the organiser of the individual race.

If you can’t take part you may be able to transfer your number, yourself, using your on-line entry code.


Headphones and MP3 Players

Although not banned outright under the UKA Rules of Athletics we advise against wearing headphones or earphones and other types of music players while participating. When running on your own the choices you make are yours but a race is different because it is a public event. It is important to be able to hear race instructions, warnings and traffic before and during the race and after crossing the finish line. If you choose to participate in a race using these devices you should be prepared to accept full responsibility for your own safety and for the safety of anyone else who may be affected. While unlikely you may also risk disqualification.


All finishers will receive a medal – 1st 100 are gold, next 100 are silver and all others are bronze.

Please be sure to stay in order at the finish line so you get the correct one.


1st Man and 1st Lady £150,   2nd £100   and   3rd £50

Course record Men’s and Ladies £100

Cash prizes to: 1st Man over 40/50/60/70, 1st Lady over 35/45/55/65

Trophies to 1st Mens team (6 to count) and Ladies team (4 to count), and Spot Prizes.