The Ferriby 10 2022

Entries for The Ferriby 10 2022 are closed


Name Club
Daniel Zobkiw City of Hull AC
Paul Zergi Barton & District AC
Alan Young Wolds Veterans RC
Kathryn Young Fitmums And Friends
Amanda Young LouthAC
Amy York 3XTRI
Sarah Wydell Wolds Veterans RC
Ian Wright City of Hull AC
Michael Wright 3XTRI
Michelle Wray Fitmums And Friends
Mark Wragg City of Hull AC
Steven Worth Pocklington Runners
Rob Woolley N/A
Heather Woolley N/A
Bruce Woodford Beverley Athletic Club
Tom Wood Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Paul Wood Fitmums And Friends
Alex Wood N/a
Katie Wise Pocklington Runners
Wayne Winfarrah Wolds Veterans RC
James Wilson Bridlington Road Runners
Nicholas-Mark Wilson N/A
Julie Wilson Fitmums And Friends
Dave Wilson East Hull Harriers & AC
Sherene Wilshere N/A
Sean Willis Scunthorpe & District AC
James Williamson Goole Viking Striders
Cat Williamson Beverley AC
Mark Williamson Hornsea Harriers
Clair Williamson Hornsea Harriers
Evan Williams Clee tri club
Helen Williams Barton & District AC
Shirley Willett Louth AC
Laura Wilkinson Hewitt Selby Striders
Alan Wilkinson York Knavesmire Harriers
Paul Wilkinson KuHac
John Wilkinson Steel City Striders
Dan Wilkinson Hornsea Harriers
Giulia Wilkins Scarborough Athletic Club
Rachel Whittaker West Hull Ladies
Darren White East Hull Harriers & AC
Lyndsay White Wolds Veterans RC
Fiona Whitaker Goole Viking Striders
Matthew Whattam Selby Striders
Nicki Whattam Selby Striders
Simon Weston N/A
Kelvin Westerman East Hull Harriers & AC
Barbara Wesson Fitmums And Friends
Teresa Wesley Caistor Running Club
Sarah Wells Caistor Running Club
Robert wells East Hull Harriers & AC
Nicky Weightman Fitmums And Friends
Dominique Webster Bridlington Road Runners
Siobhan Webb Barton & District AC
Julie Weatherill Yorkshire wolds runners
Rob Waugh East Hull Harriers & AC
David Waugh N/A
Trevor Waudby White City Hull RRC
Lucy Waudby N/A
Sam Watson N/A
Peter Watson Fitmums And Friends
George Waterson City of Hull AC
Daniel Waslin Beverley Athletic Club
Alexis Warren N/a
Helen Warren N/a
Janet Wardale West Hull Ladies
Anji Ward Beverley Athletic Club
Steven Walster NA
Katrina Walster N/A
David Walmsley East Hull Harriers & AC
Kevin Wallis Louth AC
John Walker Fitmums And Friends
Patrick Walker City of Hull AC
Anthony Walker N/A
Caroline Walker N/A
Gary Walford Beverley Athletic Club
Mark Walby Barton & District AC
Pete Vojvodic Fitmums And Friends
Colin Vize N/A
Quinn, Victoria N/A
Adam Veall N/A
Lee Varley Doncaster Athletic Club
Karen Valentine N/A
Jeannine Ursell City of Hull AC
Ken Upshall White City Hull RRC
David Tyas N/A
andrew Tweddell East Hull Harriers & AC
Wayne Turrell Caistor Running Club
Craig Turrel N/A
Lauren Turner Beverley Athletic Club
David Tune Rotherham Harriers
Emma Tune City of Hull AC
Irene Treston-Waller Friends and Runners
Louise Trainor Quakers RC
Paul Trainor City of Hull AC
Helen Townend Beverley Athletic Club
Alexa Tong Fitmums And Friends
Hugh Tomlinson N/A
Andrew Titterrell Barton & District AC
Amanda Tindall Bridlington Road Runners
Georgia Tindale Scarborough Athletic Club
Stuart Thornton N/a
Clive Thornley Wolds Veterans RC
Mark Thompson Selby Striders
Les Thompson Grimsby Triathlon Club
Adam Thompson N/A
Sean Thompson East Hull Harriers & AC
Victoria Thomas Wolds Veterans RC
Frank Thomas Caistor Running Club
Stephen Taylor East Hull Harriers & AC
Maria Taylor N/A
Les Taylor White City Hull RRC
Liam Taylor N/A
Laura Taylor Cleethorpes & District AC
Robert Taylor Lonely Goats Runing Club
Wendy Taylor Hornsea Harriers
Russ Tattershall Caistor Running Club
Richard Tarren York Knavesmire Harriers
Pamela Tarbet City of Hull AC
Michael Sword Pocklington Runners
Michelle Sutton N/A
Richard Sutton Cleethorpes athletics club
Dave Sunman Fitmums And Friends
Jamie Sullivan N/A
jan suddaby East Hull Harriers & AC
Lewis Suddaby East Hull Harriers & AC
Clare Stubbs N/A
Max Stubbings Kingston upon Hull AC
christopher straker N/A
Harry Storr Caistor Running Club
Sian Storey Wolds Veterans RC
Nick Stonehewer Scunthorpe & District AC
Dawn Stockdale City of Hull AC
Jane Stirling Holme Pierrepont RC
Annabel Stevenson Fitmums And Friends
Matthew Stevens East Hull Harriers & AC
Gemma Stephenson N/A
Emma Stephenson Lonely Goat Running Club
Sarah Steels Fitmums And Friends
Neil Stead Goole Viking Striders
Lesley Stainthorpe Selby Striders
Jane Stabler Fitmums And Friends
Elliott Spicer City of Hull AC
Stuart Spencer Fitmums And Friends
Jill Speight Pocklington Runners
Chris Sparkes Wolds Veterans RC
Robert Sparkes Beverley Athletic Club
Graham Southard City of Hull AC
Steve Sole Kingston upon Hull AC
Paul Snowden Louth AC
Catherine Snowball Beverley Athletic Club
Matthew Snow City of Hull AC
Alan Smith White City Hull RRC
Andy Smith Goole Viking Striders
Sally Smith Barton & District AC
Jo Smith Wolds Veterans RC
Wayne Smith Caistor Running Club
Ann Smith N/A
Adelle Smith N/A
Malcolm Smith Wolds Veterans RC
Matthew Smith City of Hull AC
Robert Smith Cleethorpes & District AC
Phil Smith East Hull Harriers & AC
Victoria Smith West Hull Ladies
Steven Smith Louth Tri Club
Nicola Smith Cleethorpes & District AC
John Smith City of Hull AC
Hannah Smith Caistor Running Club
Lindsay Smith Fitmums And Friends
Catherine Smart Caistor Running Club
Paul Smart Caistor Running Club
Matthew Skinns Beverley Athletic Club
Lindsay Skinner Off That Couch Fitness
Nigel Sisson East Hull Harriers & AC
Kate Simons Louth Triathlon Club
Craig Simons N/A
Emma Simmons Scarborough Athletic Club
Graham Silburn Fitmums And Friends
Katrina Sidwell Lonely Goats
Robert Sidwell Lonely Goat
Angharad Shepherdson West Hull Ladies
damian shaw grimsby tri
Mark Shaw Lonely Goats RC
Richard Sharpe Thorney RC
Darren Sharpe N/A
Kevin Sharp East Hull Harriers & AC
Houghton Sharon Scarborough Athletic Club
Jason Shakesby N/A
Matthew Seymour Beverley Athletic Club
Gemma Sellers N/A
Richard Sellers N/A
Katie Seddon East Hull Harriers & AC
Darren Scutt OTCF
Simon Scully Rotherham Harriers & AC
NEIL SCRUTON Scarborough Athletic Club
Richard Scott N/A
Christopher Scott Humber Triathletes
Rachael Saxby Fitmums And Friends
Runar Saether East Hull Harriers & AC
Neil Ryan Selby Striders
Lucy Ruhmann N/A
Richard Ruhmann N/A
Nicky Rudland East Hull Harriers & AC
Joanna Rowland Beverley Athletic Club
Louise Route N/A
John Route N/A
David Rooms N/A
Karl Rolstone East Hull Harriers & AC
Steven Rollinson N/A
Paul Rogers N/A
Richard Roe Wolds Veterans RC
Stephen Robson York Knavesmire Harriers
Kelly Robinson Fitmums And Friends
Nicky Robinson N/A
Richard Robinson Off That Couch Fitness
Helen Robinson Wolds Veterans RC
Charlie Robinson City of Hull AC
David Rivers Kingston upon Hull AC
Samantha Ritson Scunthorpe & District RC
Nicola Riley Beverley Athletic Club
Claire Richardson Fitmums And Friends
Sarah Richardson Barton & District AC
Rich Rex City of Hull AC
Kevin Rennison N/A
Stephen Rennie City of Hull AC
clive reid Pocklington Runners
mark Reed Fitmums And Friends
Paul Reed N/A
Paul Ream East Hull Harriers & AC
Katy Rawnsley Scarborough Athletic Club
Suzanne Rawling N/A
Jo Ramsay Caistor Running Club
Tom Ramsay Driffield Striders
Mila Ramos Beverley Athletic Club
Suzanne Pymm Fitmums And Friends
Mike Pullon Pocklington Runners
Simon Pullan Scunthorpe & District AC
Jennifer Prowse N/A
Rach Proctor Fitmums And Friends
Sarah Proctor N/A
Robert Pritchard Grimsby Tri Club
Danny Price N/A
Claire Price Fitmums And Friends
Sarah Price N/A
Vicky Price N/A
Trish Prady Barton & District AC
Paul Poucher N/A
Malcolm Potter N/A
Rachel Portlock Wolds Veterans RC
Mattie Portlock Wolds Veterans RC
Melanie Portlock Cleethorpes & District AC
Simon Porter Bridlington Road Runners
Matthew Poole Wolds Veteran RC
Dave Playforth East Hull Harriers & AC
Shaneen Platten City of Hull AC
Malcolm Piper Wolds Veteran RC
Danielle Pinder Fitmums And Friends
William Pike Beverley AC
Benjamin Pickwell-Smith N/A
David Pickles 3XTRI
Donna Pickering N/A
James Pickering N/A
Giuseppina Perseu Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Andy Pegg Wolds Veterans RC
Jacqueline Peel Fitmums And Friends
Abigail Pearson Scunthorpe & District AC
Keri Pearson Rotherham Harriers & AC
Martin Peacock N/A
Jason Pea Driffield Striders
Tony Payne East Hull Harriers & AC
Andrew Pay Fitmums And Friends
Ian Pattison Fitmums And Friends
Rob Parritt Lonely Goat
Ben Parkin Pocklington Runners
Tracey Parker N/A
Karen Park West Hull Ladies
Ryan Page Lincoln Wellington AC
Kerry Padley Scunthorpe & District AC
Aaron Padgham Scarborough Athletic Club
Sarah Padfield East Hull Harriers & AC
Jason Oxby Louth AC
Paul Osborne Lonely goat rc
Mo Omidi Beverley Athletic Club
Ellis Oliver East Hull Harriers & AC
Philippa Oldridge Goole Viking Striders
Sue Oldfield Barton & District AC
Shirley Oglesby East Hull Harriers & AC
Stephen Ogden Beverley Athletic Club
Gary Oades East hull Harrier's
Dawn Oades East hull Harrier's
Annie O'Sullivan Scarborough Athletic Club
Claire O'Neill Scarborough Athletic Club
Jonathan O'Neill York Knavesmire Harriers
David O'Connor N/A
Jessica Nolan N/A
Paul Nippress East Hull Harriers & AC
Richard Nicklen N/a
Robin Nicholson Caistor Running Club
Laura Nichols Driffield Striders
Jonathan Nicholls N/A
Dan Newton East Hull Harriers & AC
Rob Newton Fitmums And Friends
Mark Nettleton Barton & District AC
Matthew Nelson City of Hull AC
Peter Neal Rotherham Harriers & AC
Gillian Neal Rotherham
Olivia Neal Rotherham Harriers & AC
Graham Naylor White City Hull RRC
Mark Nash N/A
Grant Nairn Selby Striders
Richard Musgrave Barton & District AC
Jo-Anne Murphy Selby Striders
Dave Mullett 3XTRI
Venika Moverley East Hull Harriers & AC
Glenn Mountford N/A
Anne Mortimer Wolds Veterans RC
Nigel Morrison Wolds Vereran R.C.
adele morris n/a
Abigail Morgan Lonely Goats RC
Alexia Morgan Lonely Goat RC
Jenni Morgan Friends and runners
Vicky Moore Fitmums and Friends
Natalie Moore Scarborough Athletic Club
Shaun Moody White City Hull RRC
David Monaghan City of Hull AC
Clare Moffatt York Acorn
Sandy Milson Beverley Athletic Club
David Millard Humber Triathletes
John Middleton York Knavesmire Harriers
Caroline Metcalf Scarborough Athletic Club
Adrian Messingham Beverley Athletic Club
Jonathan Melling Pocklington Runners
Rebecca Meilhan Beverley Athletic Club
David Meilhan Beverley Athletic Club
Lucas Meagor Beverley Athletic Club
Rich Mcwatt 3XTRI
Shaun McManus White City Hull RRC
David McKinnon Goole Viking Striders
Hayley McKenna Cleethorpes & District AC
Debbie Mcdonald Fitmums
Jessica McDonald Fitmums And Friends
Phil McCoy East Hull Harriers & AC
Patrick Mcconnell Beverley Athletic Club
Chris McClane City of Hull AC
Alan Mccartney Barracuda Tri club
Anushka McCann Kingston upon Hull AC
Steve McAleavy Doncaster Triathlon Club
Nick Maynard City of Hull AC
LEANNE Maycock Pocklington Runners
Chris Mather Caistor Running Club
Tamzen Maslin Fitmums And Friends
Caroline Martinson Driffield Striders
Paul Martindale N/A
wayne martindale East Hull Harriers & AC
Malcolm Marshall Scunthorpe & District AC
Shaun Marshall City of Hull AC
Nick Marsh Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Neal Markham Grimsby Triathlon Club
Palframan Marie Humber Triathletes
Des Mannion Caistor Running Club
Gavin Mann N/A
Martin Manchester Barton & District AC
Melissa Malton Fitmums And Friends
Emma Magill Wolds Veterans RC
David Maddison Goole Viking Striders
Stephen Maddison Pocklington Runners
Jo Machon N/A
Mike MacDougall Wolds Veterans RC
Tina Lyons Fitmums And Friends
James Lundy East Hull Harriers & AC
James Lowe Kingston upon Hull AC
Paul Lovatt Scunthorpe and district
Shawnie Lovatt Off that couch fitness
Graham Lonsdale Bridlington Road Runners
Stewart Longlands N/A
Daniel Longhorn N/A
Jackie Long Fitmums And Friends
Brian Long Kingston upon Hull AC
Stephen Logan City of Hull AC
Lynn Lockwood N/A
Chris Liversedge N/A
James Livermore N/A
Jacqui Linwood Fitmums And Friends
Greg Linfoot-Potts Pocklington Runners
Andrea Linfoot-Potts Pocklington Runners
Liz Lindstrom Scunthorpe & District AC
Demi Lidster Beverley Athletic Club
Andrew Lewis Kingston upon Hull AC
Eleanor Lewis N/a
Deon Leggat N/A
Naomi Lecher City of Hull AC
Kris Lecher City of Hull AC
Rebecca Lawtey City of Hull AC
Nicola Lancaster Team Manvers
Katie Lamplough N/a
Samira Lambert Kippax Harriers
Simon Lambert N/A
Keith Lamb Wolds Veterans RC
clare koslow Louth AC
Chris Knowles East Hull Harriers & AC
Andy Knowles Caistor Running Club
Ann Kitto Scarborough Athletic Club
Helen Kirby-Hawkins Barton and District AC
Daniel Kirby Driffield Striders
Mike King Fitmums And Friends
Samuel Kind White City Hull RRC
Leanne Kilvington Humber Triathletes
Bob Kilvington Lonely Goat Running Club
Kevin Kilkenny N/A
Elizabeth Kilgour Fitmums And Friends
Jennifer Kilburn Bridlington Road Runners
Mark Kidd Caistor Running Club
Angela Khudonazarova Friends and Runners
Sheila Kerr Scunthorpe & District AC
Jacqui Ker City of Hull AC
ALAN KENDRA Pocklington Runners
Cassie Kemp Fitmums And Friends
Karl Kemp N/A
Tom Keelty Humber triathletes
Adrian Keeble Vale of York Athletic community
JEREMY KAYE East Hull Harriers & AC
phil kay N/A
Janet Kay East Hull Harriers & AC
Adrian Kamis East Hull Harriers & AC
Howard justice Cleethorpes & District AC
Graham Justice City of Hull AC
Elaine Julian Beverley Athletic Club
Claire Juggins Fitmums And Friends
Robert Jude N/a
Rebecca Joyce Na
Adrian Joyce Caistor Running Club
HITEN JOSHI Fitmums And Friends
Adam Jordan N/A
Jorunn Jonsdottir Fitmums And Friends
Darryl Jones N/A
Tim Jones Washington Running Club
Michelle Jones Caistor Running Club
Mike Jones Caistor Running Club
Jessica Jones City of Hull AC
Daniel Johnson Barton & District AC
Sarah Johnson Wolds Veterans RC
Simon Johnson Kingston upon Hull AC
Duncan Johnson Fitmums And Friends
Colin Jobber Barton & District AC
Steve Jennison N/A
Glynn Jennison East Hull Harriers & AC
Phil Jennings City of Hull AC
Graham Jenkinson N/a
Rob Jasper Kingston upon Hull AC
Lee James N/A
Annette Jackson Selby Striders
Keith Jackson Lonely Goat RC
Luke Jackson East Hull Harriers & AC
Nicky Jackson Goole Viking Striders
Phil Jackson N/A
Dave Jackson Wolds Veterans RC
Debbie Iwanczuk Cleethorpes & District AC
Marc Hutson N/A
Anthea Hutchinson Beverley Athletic Club
Ed Husband Fitmums And Friends
Steven Hunter White City Hull RRC
Jonathan Hunter City of Hull AC
Mark Hunt N/a
Philip Humphries N/a
Tracey Humphrey Wolds Vets
anita Hultum N/
Sarah Hoyle Caistor Running Club
Simon Howson York Knavesmire Harriers
martin HOWMAN na
Paul Howard Caistor Running Club
Brian Hostad Wolds Veterans RC
Darren Horton N/A
Carl Horth City of Hull AC
Jody Horth Beverley Athletic Club
Dean Hornby N/A
Kris Hopkins East Hull Harriers & AC
Tony Hooper Cleethorpes & District AC
Grant Hood Lonely Goat RC
Steven Holwell Withernsea Harriers
Victoria Holtby Fitmums And Friends
Chris Holtby Humber triathletes
Callum Holness N/A
Ann Holmes Friends And Runners
Fiona Holland Beverley AC
Claudia Holden Barton & District AC
Barry Holcombe Wolds Veterans RC
Martina Hodgson Barton & District AC
Garry Hobson Scunthorpe & District AC
Laura Hines N/A
Louise Hindmarsh Barton & District AC
JAMES HINDLE Off that couch fitness
Linda Hinchliffe Scarborough Athletic Club
Rachel Hilton Fitmums And Friends
Phil Hills Scunthorpe & District AC
Iain Hill 3XTRI
Andy Hill Wolds Vets
Spencer Higgins Cleethorpes & District AC
Michelle Hewson Caistor Running Club
Glyn Hewitt Scarborough Athletic Club
Katy Hewis Caistor Running Club
steve Hewick City of Hull AC
Fay Hethershaw Scarborough Athletic Club
Julian Hesp LincsQuad
Neil Heron N/A
Barbara Hermann Fitmums And Friends
Matthew Herd N/A
Dale Hepples Scarborough Athletic Club
Peter Henderson Beverley Athletic Club
Andrew Hemmings City of Hull AC
Snook Helen Pocklington Runners
Sarah Heinzman Wolds Veterans RC
Kenneth Hearson N/A
Jack Hearnshaw City of Hull AC
Arran hayes N/A
Matthew Hayes East Hull Harriers & AC
Alison Hayes East Hull Harriers & AC
Patricia Hay Fitmums And Friends
Mark Haxby Grimsby tri club
Steve Hawtree Barracuda Triathlon Club
Roisin Hawksley N/A
chico hawksley N/A
Laura Havis Middlesbrough AC (Mandale)
Paul Havis N/A
Michael Hart N/A
Julian Harrison York Knavesmire Harriers
debra Harrison Fitmums And Friends
Cally Harrison East Hull Harriers & AC
Jill Harrison Fitmums And Friends
Richard Harrison Selby Striders
Andrew Harrison Caistor Running Club
Pamela Harrison Caistor Running Club
Sara Harrison Selby Striders
Rob Harrison N/A
Sarah Harris-Smith N/A
Tracey Harper Fitmums And Friends
Patrick Harness Goole Viking Striders
Hannah Harne City of Hull AC
Nic Harne City of Hull AC
Jim Harlock City of Hull AC
Scott Hargreaves Bridlington Road Runners
Elizabeth Hardy Hornsea Harriers
Daniel Hardy N/A
Jackie Hardman Beverley Athletic Club
Martin Hardey East Hull Harriers & AC
Melissa Hardcastle Pocklington Runners
Paul Harby Fitmums And Friends
Phil Hanson Holmfirth Harriers AC
Glenn Halsey Humber Triathletes
Gillian Halliwell Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Linda Hall Bridlington Road Runners
Michael Hall Holmfirth Harriers AC
Nick Halford 3XTRI
Laura Gunstead Easy hull harriers
Laura Gulley Fitmums And Friends
Katie Grunnill N/A
Tim Groves East Hull Harriers & AC
Andrew Grosschmidt N/A
Mark Gronow City of Hull AC
Paul Griffiths Cleethorpes & District AC
Simon Griffiths N/A
Charlotte Griffiths Cleethorpes & District AC
Hannah Griffiths Scarborough Athletic Club
Paul Griffiths Scarborough Athletic Club
Nick Gregory Cleethorpes & District AC
Sarah Greenley Lonely Goat RC
Susan Green Wolds Veterans RC
Steve Green Wolds Veteran RC
Gareth Green York Knavesmire Harriers
Russell Greaves City of Hull AC
Stephen Gray N/A
Lee Gray N/A
David Gray Fitmums And Friends
John Gray Fitmums And Friends
Andrew Gray Beverley Athletic Club
Anthony Gough Scarborough Athletic Club
David Gossip Pocklington Runners
Karen Gordon Driffield Striders
Martin Goodhand Winterton Running Club
Maya Goia N/A
Christine Godwin Cleethorpes & District AC
john godfrey barracuda tri
david godfrey barracuda tri
james godfrey Barracuda Tri
Stephen Glenville City of Hull AC
Daniel Gleave Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Richard Ginn Pocklington Runners
David Gingell Fitmums And Friends
Steven Gilroy N/A
Leigh Gillatt Barton & District AC
Angie Gill Lonely goat rc
Carl Gilham N/a
Tracey Gibson Wolds Veterans RC
Carl Gibson City of Hull AC
Si Gibney Wolds Veterans RC
Jim Gibney Wolds Veteran Runners Club
David Gibney Wolds Veterans RC
Lydia Gibbs Wolds Veterans RC
Richard Gerhardt Scunthorpe & District AC
Daniel George Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC
Ruth George Barton & District AC
David George Caistor Running Club
Stuart Gent Bridlington Road Runners
Dan Gelder Cleethorpes & District AC
kerry garner Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Catherine Gardner N/A
Wayne Gardiner Goole Viking Striders
Claire Garbutt N/A
Mark Gadie East Hull Harriers & AC
Matthew Fursey Cleethorpes & District AC
Jonathan Frost East Hull Harriers & AC
Sarah Frost West Hull Ladies
Nick Frere City of Hull AC
Brad Freeman Beverley Athletic Club
Vivianne Fraser York Knavesmire Harriers
Ruth Frank Scarborough Athletic Club
Sarah Francis N/A
Matthew Frampton Beverley Athletic Club
Stacy Foxworthy West Hull Ladies
Lee Fox Wolds vets
Stacey Fox Goole Viking Striders
Yvonne Foster Fitmums And Friends
Lisa Foster Cleethorpes & District AC
Flora Forster Cleethorpes Tri Club
Gary Forrester East Hull Harriers & AC
James Forrester N/a
Nik Forman Cleethorpes & District AC
Harry Forkin Scarborough Athletic Club
Amanda Fordham Friends and Runners
Alex Flower City of Hull AC
David Fletcher Barracuda Triathlon Club
Lynsey Fletcher N/A
Tracy Fitzgerald Fitmums And Friends
Jean Fish Scarborough Athletic Club
Paul Firth Selby Striders
Sarah Finch Scunthorpe & District AC
Fiona Fielden Barton & District AC
David Field Scarborough Athletic Club
Gerard Ferre Bridlington Road Runners
Andrew Ferguson Scunthorpe & District AC
Fay Fenwick Wolds Veterans
Ian Fenton N/A
Wayne Fennell Selby Striders
Cassandra Fennell Selby Striders
Mark Fennell York Knavesmire Harriers
Lee Fenlon Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Liam feasey N/A
Kay Farrow Beverley Athletic Club
Gail Farr West hull ladies
Wayne Farr N/A
Jacob Farmer N/A
James Fairgrieve Cleethorpes & District AC
Beverley Fairburn N/A
Steven Eyre Caistor Running Club
Rachel Eyre Caistor Running Club
Connor Eyles East Hull Harriers & AC
Ben Evison N/A
Ben Eves East Hull Harriers & AC
Alex Evans City of Hull AC
Joe Evans City of Hull AC
Stuart Eskrett BeverleyAC
John Escritt City of Hull AC
Adrian Ennis N/A
Jarrad Englestown Selby Striders
Lois England City of Hull AC
Aaron England City of Hull AC
Susan Else Caistor Running Club
Andrew Elsdon N/a
Sara Ellis West Hull Ladies
Daniel Ellis Off that couch fitness
Andy Elliott N/A
Craig Edwards Cleethorpes & District AC
Matt Edey Beverley Athletic Club
Jayne Earle East Hull Harriers & AC
Cath Dyson West Hull Ladies
jimmy dutch Cleethorpes & District AC
James Durham City of Hull AC
Stephen Dunn N/A
Daniela Dumitrescu Louth Tri Club
Mike Duffield Fitmums And Friends
Sally Drury Fitmums And Friends
Lucy Drury N/A
Samantha Drury NA
Kathryn Drury Barton & District AC
Stephen Dring Wolds Veteran RC
Graham Drewery City of Hull AC
Joanne Drewery Kingston upon Hull AC
Bryan Drew York Knavesmire Harriers
Lee Draper City of Hull AC
Naomi Drakeford Barnsley AC
Antony Drake Cleethorpes & District AC
Karen Doyle N/A
Tom Downing N/A
Janet Downes Bridlington Road Runners
Lisa Douglas White City Hull RRC
Linda Douglas East Hull Harriers & AC
Andrew Doody Scarborough Athletic Club
Nicola Doody Scarborough Athletic Club
Karen Dobbs Wolds Veterans RC
Glenn Dixon N/A
Samantha Dixie Fitmums And Friends
Stella Dinsdale White City Hull RRC
Carl Dickinson East Hull Harriers & AC
Gary Dickinson N/A
Jacqui Dickinson Beverley Athletic Club
Andrew Deyes East Hull Harriers & AC
Michael Devitt N/A
Christopher Devaney City of Hull AC
Laura Denwood Rotherham Harriers & AC
Nigel Denton Kingston upon Hull AC
Kirsty Densley N/A
Steve Dennison N/A
Amanda Dean West Hull Ladies
Jo de-Vries N/A
Clare De luca N/a
Lindi Day City of Hull AC
Tom Dawson East Hull Harriers & AC
James Dawson N/A
Paul Davis City of Hull AC
Timmy Davies Leeds City AC
Jack Darnell N/A
Penny Darmody East Hull Harriers & AC
Gerry Darling N/A
Helen Dannatt N/a
Lee Daniels N/A
Rebecca Dam N/A
Elizabeth Dalton Driffield Striders
Melanie D'Eath Scarborough Athletic Club
Marianne Cuthill N/A
chris cuthbertson N/A
Neil Curtis Scunthorpe & District AC
Nicola Curtis Off that couch fitness
Natalie Curgenven City of Hull AC
Daniella Florence Cullum Cleethorpes Tri Club
Rob Crump Caistor Running Club
Margaret Crummack Team Manvers
Neil Crummack Matlock AC
Bill Crowther Barracuda Triathlon Club
Garry Crothall Fitmums And Friends
Helen Cross York Knavesmire Harriers
Tony Cross East Hull Harriers & AC
John Crosby East Hull Harriers & AC
Stella Crookes Caistor Running Club
Tania Cream City of Hull AC
Stephen Coveney City of Hull AC
Gary Couzens East Hull Harriers & AC
Becky Coulman Kingston upon Hull AC
Racheal Couch Barton & District AC
Peter Cork Hornsea Harriers
Dean Cope Scunthorpe & District AC
Steve Cooper 3xtri
Matthew Cooke Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Carol Cooke Beverley Athletic Club
Gareth Cooke Barnsley Athletic Club
James Cook N/A
Laura Collins Selby Striders
Bob Collard Fitmums And Friends
Sarah Coleman Cleethorpes & District AC
John Codd N/A
Mike Cleverley N/a
Gregan Clarkson Kingston upon Hull AC
Paul Clarke Kingston upon Hull AC
Matthew Clarke Goole Viking Striders
Trevor Clark Barton & District AC
Victoria Claricoates N/A
Andrew Chidwick N/A
Christopher Chestney N/A
Tracy Chaplin Barton & District AC
Steve Chaplin Barton & District AC
Annie Chaplin Fitmums And Friends
Claire Cater N/A
Carlo Catalano Scunthorpe & District AC
Paul Cartwright City of Hull AC
Tom Carrington Scarborough Athletic Club
Sarah Carpenter N/A
Denise Cant Clee tri club
Stephen Cannings LincsQuad
Rodney Campbell Scunthorpe Harriers
Felicity Caddick Selby Striders
Chantal Cable West Hull Ladies
Andrew Byatt Caistor Running Club
Claire Byatt Caistor Running Club
Sean Buttery N/A
David Butt East Hull Harriers and AC
Adrian Bushby City of Hull AC
Simon Burnley Scarborough Athletic Club
James Burnham N/A
Helen Burnham Fitmums And Friends
Chris Burkitt Wolds Veterans RC
Jo Burgoyne Humber Tri
Tony Burgin White City Hull RRC
Susan Burgess Fitmums And Friends
Mark bunce Wolds Veterans RC
mandy bunce Wolds Veterans RC
Sharon Bullivent Barton & District AC
Richard Bugg Army
Richard Buckle East Hull Harriers & AC
Steve Bryant Cleethorpes & District AC
Danny Brunton Bridlington Road Runners
chris brown Off that couch fitness
Derek Brown City of Hull AC
Tom Brown N/A
Tim Brown Kingston upon Hull AC
Sam Brown N/A
Sophie Brown Beverley Athletic Club
Terry Bromfield York Knavesmire Harriers
Hayley Briggs Caistor Running Club
Steve Brewin Wolds Veterans RC
Paul Brewer Goole Viking Striders
Helen Brandrick Barton & District AC
Luke Bramley East Hull Harriers & AC
Nicola Bramley N/A
Kevin Brady N/A
Richard Brady N/A
Barry Bradley Wolds Veterans RC
Amy Bradley West Hull Ladies
Ashley Bradford N/A
Jonathan Boyle York Knavesmire Harriers
Joe Boyes City of Hull AC
Paul Bowman North York Moors AC
Jonathan Bowers n/a
Kate Bowers West Hull Ladies
Carol Botterill Beverley Athletic Club
Rachel Bostock Selby Striders
David Borrill East Hull Harriers & AC
Gary Bogg East Hull Harriers & AC
Jarosław Boch East Hull Harriers & AC
Sarah Blow Fitmums And Friends
Andy Blake N/A
Danielle Blackwood Fitmums And Friends
Mark Bissell East Hull Harriers & AC
Chris Birkett City of Hull AC
Fliss Bird Pocklington Runners
Louise Binns Barton & District AC
Alison Benson Beverley Athletic Club
Paul Bennett East Hull Harriers & AC
Philip Belton Beverley Athletic Club
Jill Bell Caistor Running Club
Dave Bell East Hull Harriers & AC
Andrew Bell Caistor Running Club
Ashley Beasley N/A
Alan Bayston City of Hull AC
Richard Barton N/A
Sean Bartlett Barton & District AC
Daniel Barrass City of Hull AC
Steve Barraclough Lonely Goat
Jo Barnsley Cleethorpes & District AC
Julie Barnes Fitmums And Friends
Luke Barnes N/A
Caroline Barker Hornsea Harriers
Vanessa Barker Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Rich Barber N/A
Sally Ball City of Hull AC
David Ball City of Hull AC
Laura Bakker N/A
Anne Bakker City of Hull AC
Owynn Baker N/A
Laura Baker Fitmums And Friends
Diane Baitson N/A
Sarah Bainbridge Barton & District AC
Laura Bailey Selby Striders
FARHAT BAIG East Hull Harriers & AC
Michael Baggott City of Hull AC
Steve Babb City of Hull AC
Trevor Babb White City Hull RRC
Shaun Atkinson East Hull Harriers & AC
Kath Atkinson N/a
Adrian Atkinson Scarborough Athletic Club
Darren Atkinson Barracuda Triathlon Club
Sarah Atkin Barton & District AC
Tracey Ashton East Hull Harriers & AC
Christopher Ashmead Hornsea Harriers
Cheryl Ashdown City of Hull AC
Dinah Ashbridge City of Hull AC
Kate Argyle Friends And Runners
Nicole Appleton City of Hull AC
Jonathan Appleton N/A
Nicholas Anscombe N/A
Helen Annan HUTH Harriers
Graham Annan HUTH Harriers
Jo Andrews Fitmums And Friends
Sarah Anderson Beverley Athletic Club
Warwick Anderson Pocklington Runners
Kate Amis Wolds Veterans RC
Andy Amis Wolds Veterans RC
Nicola Amidulla Driffield Striders
Richard Alsop East Hull Harriers & AC
Jean Allen Fitmums And Friends
Sarah Allen Caistor Running Club
Paul Allen Beverley Athletic Club
Samantha Allen Beverley Athletic Club
Jane Allen West Hull Ladies
Olly Alldridge Scunthorpe & District AC
Tony Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Shaun Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Thomas Aitchison Kingston upon Hull AC
Amy Aistrop Fitmums And Friends
Dannie Adcock-Habib Kingston upon Hull AC
Lisa Adcock Fitmums And Friends
Neil Adams Jolly Tri club
Alex Abel Fitmums And Friends