Wobbly Bridge Trail Race 2022

Entries for Wobbly Bridge Trail Race 2022 are closed



Race Briefing and Rules

Please read this carefully. There may be questions at the end.*

On line entry is (obviously) open but you may well be able to still enter on the day.

Registration will open at 10.30 and shut at 11.40. As in previous years it will be in St Boswells Village Hall, a fine and resplendent building in the centre of the village. If you are entering on the day, please bring cash as cards/cheques/IOUs won’t cut the mustard. Sorry. And whilst we can't accept maltesers/minstrels in lieu of payment for the race, they make a jolly good substitute for an admin fee. Just saying.

The Women’s Rural Institute are kindly providing refreshments for runners, spectators, villagers and passers-by throughout the morning and after the race, for a very reasonable charge.

If you are driving here there is some parking at the rugby club on Jenny Moore’s Road and limited on road spaces. Please park with consideration for villagers/other road users. 

Wobbly Bridge Trail Race will start from St Boswells’ Village Green at 1200 on Sunday 22/05//2022

The route is almost all trail on the paths out to Maxton Kirk and beyond, passing the Mertoun chain bridge (Wobbly Bridge) and back via St Cuthbert’s Way to the Village Green. The route follows the same course as previous years and again does NOT go over the Wobbly Bridge. Recent fencing projects on the Mertoun Estate mean that you will be slightly further away from the Wobbly Bridge than before. However, fear not bridge fans, it is still clearly visible. A route map can be viewed on the Facebook page, and a general plan of following the folk in front/looking out for arrows and markers is strongly recommended.

The route will be extraordinarily well signposted. Especially along the river. We pride ourselves on our enthusiasm for arrows, flags and marshals. If you have that sinking feeling that you may have taken a wrong turn, please track back to consult the last sign/marshal you passed.

There are toilets in the Village Hall – and council toilets at 30p a pee right outside too if you need. Bags can be left at your own risk, the hall will be insecure throughout the race.

There will be a quick race briefing at 1155 on The Green then runners can take their starting positions. Essentially we will be reminding you that this is trail, it is uneven, you may trip up, get smacked in the face by low hanging branches, go through gates, trip on molehills, fall down rabbit holes, and you should take care on the road/ water crossings, you should always be polite to marshals, don’t fall in the river and have a good race.

Please carry a charged mobile phone.

To comply with our insurance please do not wear headphones on the course. 

If for any reason you are going to withdraw please notify the nearest marshal or wait for the sweepers.

There is one water stop at the 2 / 6 mile point at Maxton Kirk and First Aid at start/finish..

The Duke of Sutherland has given permission to use areas of his estate not generally open for public access, so please respect the land and don’t drop litter/run off the paths/take leaf cuttings/chase the sheep/bother the wildlife/etc.

ABSOLUTELY NO LITTER. NONE. Anyone seen dropping any will be made to go back and pick it up and say sorry.

The race ends on the Village Green. We will aim to present trophies around about 1345.

This may change dependent on the finishing times of our final finishers and the now customary downpour as the final third of the field completes the course.

See you in May.

*there aren’t though.