Our Fees


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Absorb The Fees, You Would Receive


Adding The Fees On, You Would Receive

Stripe Fee 1.5% + 20p

Our Fee 30p

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Here at The Entry Point we are proud to have a system that gives you the lowest transaction fees currently available. No other online entry system has fees as low as ours. More importantly not only do we have the lowest fees around we do not hold onto your revenue for a number of days.

As soon as an entry or ticket is sold the fees are payed directly into your payment system (*Stripe).

We only take a small fee to cover the cost of creating and maintaining this system that saves you hundreds of pounds compared to all the other entry and ticketing systems.

*We developed our system to work with Stripe a free to setup professional payment system. Stripe will allow you to take all forms of payment and funds are transfered into your stripe account imediatley. It only takes a few minutes to setup and combined with our small fee we have the lowest costing system in the UK.

If you choose to add the fees onto your ticket price then you will receive the full ticket price.

If you choose to absorb the fees within your ticket price you will receive the ticket price less the total fees.